From left to right; Sock (Tyler Labine), Sam (Bret Harrison), Andi (Missy Peregrym).

Reaper is a terribly short-lived TV show that aired on CW. The show starred Bret Harrison, Missy Peregrym, the awesome Tyler Labine and Ray Wise. Bret Harrison plays Sam, whose parents sold his soul to the devil, and he now has to work as a bounty hunter for Satan (Ray Wise). Sucks to be him. His two best friends are the hilarious Sock (Tyler Labine) and the lovable, animal-adoring Ben (Rick Gonzalez), who willingly help him on his bounty hunting missions, which are sending escaped souls back to hell in weird, everyday objects like jars of bubbles, a mini-vac, and a toaster, to name a few. They all work together at a home improvement store. Throw a hottie named Andi (Missy Peregrym) and you have a recipe for an amazingly awesomesauce show. Sadly, it ran for only two seasons, but is totally awesomesauce.