Isaac Clarke wearing his awesomesauce shiny space suit

Voted Best Game Of 2011, Dead Space 2, and the whole series of Dead Space games are totally awesomesauce. With a killer story involving people mutated into Necromorphs by a Rage-like virus, plus incredible graphics and pitch perfect sound design, Dead Space 2 is a horrifying journey through the deserted, eerie halls of The Sprawl, a space city reminecsent of the Bespin Cloud City. Players take on the role of Issac Clarke, who was driven partially insane by the power of the Red Marker, a strange obelisk that has something to do with the Necromorph virus. In Dead Space 2, Issac often has bizarre hallucinations, sometimes involving his dead girlfriend, Nicole. The race to find a cure for the Necromorph virus becomes Issac's priority.

For anyone who loves video games, particularly horror titles, Dead Space is a must-have